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Paloma combines her strong and personal voice with a wider idea of emotions. 

Her compositions are personal and different. Her music is not written from trust in knowledge. 

She dares to use very simple ideas which give a lot of room for improvisation and communicate the right emotion. 

For instance, for her album Ritual she used different elements (water, fire, air, earth) as a starting point for her music.

Besides this Paloma is a strong entrepreneur. Extremely creative and an ‘out-of-the-box thinker’. 

In her stage performance she takes risks and is using unorthodox ways to get her message to the audience.

She is combining her music with beautiful videos and knows how to communicate.


Joost Lijbaart

Drummer, Percussionist, Teacher, Entrepreneur


Paloma is a real special and rare talent.  Not only does she have a beautiful, deep, and touching voice.  She also has a very strong creative, artistic mind and immense drive for creating music that is truly unique.  She is a true professional in collaboration, someone you can build on and who you can trust.  She is authentic in her vision and how to express this, in which she is totally not afraid to be vulnerable and express the core of her being through real emotions.  That is to me personally a huge strength. Her conceptual development approach is strong and extremely authentic.  It is a huge joy to work with Paloma and experience her endearing presence when she is performing. I envision a big future for her and with me I know there are many others who share this feeling.


Sanne Rambags

Singer and Composer

Spanish singer and composer Paloma Lázaro Arteaga is already a standout on the Dutch music scene.

With her Spanish background, classical music training and fascination with folk and jazz, she chose to study at Tilburg's AMPA in 2019. 

She soon came into Paradox's picture because she visited many concerts, connected with fellow students

and could frequently be found on stage during the weekly jazz sessions.

In a short time she developed into a versatile and talented musician who collaborates with various artists in interdisciplinary projects.


Her presentation of her album RITUAL on March 1, 2023 in Paradox delivered an impressive concert 

which actually makes her upcoming graduation concert almost superfluous. The review of the concert in question on Jazzradar actually says enough:


Bartho van Straaten

Programmer - Paradox



'I got to know Paloma when she moved to the Netherlands and started studying at AMPA where I teach the course Jazz History & Research. From the start it was quite clear that she was always eager to learn more about new music and interested in a wide range of musical (jazz)genres. In second year she wrote an excellent research paper about rituals in music, which might have been the first step towards her debut album RITUAL she released this year in Paradox.Being not only a teacher, but mainly a programmer at the venue Paradox, but also working for the festivals November Music and Jazz in Duketown, I'm always thrilled to see exceptional talent. And Paloma definitely qualifies in that category. During the presentation of RITUAL in Paradox, she added something new, fresh, and distinguishing to the jazz vocabulaire with an organic blending of vocal improvisation with influences of jazz, classical, and Spanish music. Furthermore she showed an excellent stage presence. The fact that she shared the stage with well known performers as Sanne Rambags, Joost Lijbaart, and Sjoerd van Eijck says it all. Paloma will also perform RITUAL at November Music this year. And I really think she has the potential to perform at a wide range of (inter)national venues and festivals.'


Koen Graat

Programmer - Paradox, November Music, Jazz in Duketown

Journalist - Jazzism

Teacher - Jazz History & Research AMPA


Paloma Lazaro Arteaga ian incredibly talented vocalist who works extremely hard and takes her craft very seriously. She is enthusiastic, driven and curious and grabs every opportunity she gets with both hands.

Paloma does not stop at just making music, but she likes to combine different disciplines such as light design, theater, and film. 

In 2 weeks her debut album RITUAL will be released, a visual album with only her own compositions. Her band consists of big names from the Dutch jazz field, showing that she also wants to bridge different generations.

It has become a very special product, in which she has sought a combination of beautiful video that matches her music. She also works very hard on the edits and coloring of the videos.

You don't see this interdisciplinary vision very often. She also keeps looking for different possibilities and combinations, something that is very special.

Voice technically, she is also an incredibly special singer. She sings in many different languages and has a huge range of timbres, yet you always recognize her voice and she is very much her own.

Paloma Lazaro Arteaga is a name that everyone will remember after hearing and seeing her work!

Anna Serierse


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